Woven Wire Mesh

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Spring Steel Woven Wire Mesh“MPW” offering WOVEN WIRE MESH which is widely used in road construction machinery like drum mix plant, wet mix plant, agitators, Vibrating Screen, sand dryer unit and many more application. Woven wire mesh is hand made so that it provides extra ultra compactness and strong than welded wire mesh or any machine made wire mesh.

The Woven Wire Mesh available in Mild Steel as well as Spring Steel and both have large range of sizes. Generally it is used in Vibrating Screen in Drum Mix Concrete Plant. We also manufacture WELDED WIRE MESH in both material mild steel and spring steel as per customer’s requirements.


Woven Wire Mesh is available in two type of material and we can manufacture any size as per customer’s requirement but our standard size for Drum Mix Plant is 810mm X 1210mm X 45mm.

  • WOVEN WIRE MESH (Mild Steel)
  • WOVEN WIRE MESH (Spring Steel)